• Fresh air is critical for your lube systems

    Your equipment breathes while in service. Our breathers provide a first-line of defense against contaminant ingression. This means your system is breathing clean, dry air.

  • Every breather option for even the most challenging applications

    We can provide a breather technology for virtually every lubricant system in your plant. Our breather technology comes in standard disposable breathers, hybrid breathers, non-desiccant breathers, extreme duty breathers, rebuildable steel breathers or a customized design. We also have a range of adapters and accessories to provide solutions to a variety of equipment and connection needs.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    It costs approximately 10X less to prevent system contamination than it takes to remove it from your system. From the elegant design of our breathers to the eye-catching color change desiccant media, our breathers are designed to provide you with the lowest cost of ownership.

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