Lube System Flushing

  • Most Effective Way to Decontaminate your Lube Systems.

    Our team provides a turn-key flushing service to rapidly restore lube system cleanliness and integrity. Depending on the type of contamination, we will select the most effective technological solution optimized for your application. The most important aspect of a successful flush is properly scoping the project and developing a process control procedure. Each of our projects is carefully documented and reported.

  • The types of flushing services that we can provide to you include:

    • High Velocity – Customized flushing rigs are set up to pump oil through your system at 3-5X normal system flow. Critical components are by-passed with our customized jumpers. Process is continually monitored through visual screen assessment and oil analysis. Tanks are decontaminated through confined space tank cleaning. All of these tasks are done with minimal involvement from plant personnel.
    • Chemical Flushing – We introduce specific chemistry to the lube system to assist in restoring system cleanliness. Our chemistry can be selected to remove sludge, varnish, coke, bacteria, scale, paint chips or other types of contaminants. We have the experience to be able to safely add and then remove this enhanced chemistry from your system.
    • Online Purification – Production is king and even gross amounts of contamination can't impact your production or availability. Our services can connect to your lube systems online to remove gross amounts of dirt, water or sludge contamination.
    • Solubility Enhanced Flushing – We incorporate Fluitec's Boost VR to increase the solubility of your in-service oil prior to an outage which re-dissolves system sludge and varnish. Our filtration systems are coupled with this service to remove the sludge and varnish from the lube oil prior to the outage. This type of system cleaning is ideal between oil changes and minimizes outage impact.

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