• Filtration Skids

    Regardless of cleanliness requirements, reservoir size or application we can provide the filtration solution for your systems. We can also provide a range of media options to address every type of contaminant from dirt to acids to sludge.

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  • Vacuum Dehydration Systems

    Not all vacuum dehydration systems are created equally. Our multi-pass vacuum dehydration technology can be sized from 3gpm to 100+gpm systems to allow you to maintain water levels of <20ppm. Our variable frequency drive allows you to dial in the performance required, even on high viscosity oils and those with a high foaming tendency.

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  • Varnish Removal Systems

    We provide both depth media and chemical filtration media in our varnish removal systems. Depth media is the most cost-effective method of removing oxidation and degradation byproducts in oils. When the oils are circulating at operating temperature, we use Fluitec’s ESP technology to remove the soluble varnish pre-cursors.

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  • Replacement Oil Filters

    Our filters fit virtually every lube oil filter application in your plant. We provide our customers with several options when upgrading their lube oil filters to get the highest cost/performance ratio. Our micro-fiberglass media provides the top in dirt holding capacity, media integrity, beta ratio performance and overall efficiency than anything else available.

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  • Breathers

    Your equipment breathes while in service. Our breathers provide a first-line of defense against contaminant ingression. This means your system is breathing clean, dry air.

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