• Solving Varnish

    Oil degradation products create sludge and varnish. This coats internal lube system components impairing their ability to perform. Problems with sludge and varnish can be sticky valves, higher bearing temperatures, inefficient heat exchangers, restricted flow through oil orifices and premature filter plugging. Varnish can also reduce the life of your lubricant by up to 50%. All of these problems lead to increased operation and maintenance costs, impacting your bottom line.

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  • Dirt Contamination

    Dirt and debris are well-known killers in a lube system. Accelerated wear, reduced oil life and equipment failures can all be attributed to particles that are too small for the eye to see.

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  • Water Contamination

    Water and oil don't mix. Water creeps into the system through condensation, seal or cooler leaks or maintenance activities. It quickly goes to work to destroy bearings, deplete critical lube additives and corrode system internals.

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  • System Contamination

    From commissioning new equipment to oil changes, sometimes your equipment needs to be flushed. System flushing is part art and part science. Our team will help you evaluate when a lube oil flush is needed and the optimum process to decontaminate your system.

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