Vacuum Dehydration Systems

  • High Performance Water Removal

    Not all vacuum dehydration systems are created equally. Our multi-pass vacuum dehydration technology can be sized from 3gpm to 100+gpm systems to allow you to maintain water levels of < 20ppm. Our variable frequency drive allows you to dial in the performance required, even on high viscosity oils and those with a high foaming tendency.

  • Rapid ROI

    Controlling water in your system improves system reliability and maximizes the life of your critical equipment assets.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    Our systems have the lower cost of ownership in the industry. In addition to its robust design, it utilizes a permanent dispersion media in our vacuum tower eliminates the need for costly coalescing replacement filters. Our vacuum pump technology requires far less maintenance compared to other vacuum pumps. Overall, this is the most bang for your water-removal buck.

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