Varnish Removal Systems

  • The Right Technology for the Right Application

    We provide both depth media and chemical filtration media in our varnish removal systems. Depth media is the most cost-effective method of removing oxidation and degradation byproducts in oils. When the oils are circulating at operating temperature, we use Fluitec’s ESP technology to remove the soluble varnish pre-cursors.

  • Customizable Media is more efficient

    An oil’s degradation byproducts depend upon the formulation, application and mode of degradation. By utilizing Fluitec’s customized ESP media, our customers achieve up to 10X in performance. Even if you change oil formulations or switch to a synthetic fluid in the future, utilizing a customized media will protect your investment and allow your ESP system to optimized for new fluid chemistries.

  • Backed by the top experts in the industry

    Varnish is complex. Fluitec, our partners in varnish mitigation, have published more papers and have more experience in solving varnish than anyone else in the industry. This knowledge translates directly to bottom line profits for your plant.

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