Water Contamination

  • Water is the Number Two Killer in Lube Systems

    Water and oil don't mix. Water creeps into the system through condensation, seal or cooler leaks or maintenance activities. It quickly goes to work to destroy bearings, deplete critical lube additives and corrode system internals.

  • All three forms of water need to be removed

    Water can reside in your oil in three states: free, emulsified and dissolved. Free and emulsified water clearly cause the most damage. However, dissolved water can also lead to operational risk. Our team can help you identify sources of water contamination and optimum solutions to ensure that your water levels are maintained far below industry limits.

  • Rapid Water Removal

    If water gets in your oil, you need to get it out immediately. Our team will help you quickly eliminate this moisture. Whether your water contamination is solved through our equipment rental fleet, you purchase the equipment directly, or have our experienced team of technicians provide this technology to you on site, we will ensure that water is rapidly removed from your lube oil systems.

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